Ruma National Park

Mystical wilderness, vast rolling savanna, exclusive conservancies, unforgettable experience is what you get in Laikipia. Stretching beneath the summit of Mount Kenya, Laikipia is a haven for Kenyas’ unique and unusual. Almost half of East Africas black rhinos occupy the bush, spectacular packs of wild dogs roam the plains, and you won’t have to wait long to find majestic herds of beisa oryx and Grevy’s zebra. Perhaps our favourite is the aquatic sitatunga antelope, sometimes only leaving its head poking above the surface. Famous animals also enchant and we love the sight of elephants migrating past the lodge or lion prides beneath the distant peak.Split into a patchwork of private conservancies, we’ve consistently found Laikipia to offer a stunning blend of endangered species and exclusive experiences. The originality of the different conservancies means it’s easy to spend a whole week around Laikipia exploring diverse habitats.

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