Latin America

About Latin America

Latin America consists of South America, mexico, Central America and the carribean Islands. Comprisin of the Amazon river and rainforest(the worlds largest river by volume and the largest rainforest in the world),the Atacama Desert(the world’s driest place),The Andes(longest continental mountains),Kaieteur Falls(the largest single drop waterfall),Angel Falls( the world’s tallest uninterrupted waterfall),Dunn’s River Falls & Park in jamaica,Exuma island in Bahamas a hot “swim with the pigs” spot,Stingray City in cayman island where you can swim with the stingrays,The Pitons in St Lucia for hiking lovers and the view from the top is worth it,SamanĂ¡ Bay in Dominica for whale spotting,the baths(virgin Gorda)with devils bay being a carribean tourist hub and so much more sites.Latin America is a sure place to visit and get to enjoy all the amazing hubs and sites.

Palm Trees Near Body of Water during Sunset
Panoramic View of Hedge and Raw Houses Across Large Body of Water
white cruise ship on sea during daytime
photography of sting ray

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