Lake Magadi is an amazing destination for landscape photographers and bird watchers. The panoramic arid landscapes around the lake are out of this world. The lake’s spectacular geographical landscape to the northern part serves as the main attraction to many visitors in search of pristine and vast wilderness. A number of wildlife is also found around the lake; this includes giraffes, antelopes, ostriches, zebras, wildebeests, hyenas, and a few lion families are only seen very early in the morning or at night when the temperatures are low. Elephants and buffalos can be seen at the conservancy to the south of the lake. A single species of fish, a cichlid Alcolapia grahami, inhabits the hot, highly alkaline waters of this lake basin and is commonly seen in some of the hot spring pools around the shoreline, where the water temperature is less than 45°C. An amazing view of the lake that fascinates many travellers is on top of a hill next to the bird rock where many bird species gather for warmth in the early and late hours of the day.A causeway that crosses the lake provides access to the area west of the lake to Nguruman Escarpment where visitors can enjoy amazing landscape view and swim at the pool below the escarpment’s waterfalls. Trekking up the escarpment takes about an hour preferably early morning when the temperatures are low.

Feature Hotels

  • Little Shompole Lodge
  • Lentorre Lodge

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