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About Europe

Europe is the 2nd smallest continent in the world. It has so many countries with a large number of tourist attractions. Eiffel Tower in France is most probably the most visited historic landmark with it being remarked as a symbol of love for the numerous proposals that happen there. In the United Kingdom, The London Eye,the worlds largest observation wheel giving paranomic views of London is the most popular paid tourist attraction attracting over 3 million visitors yearly. In Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle a historicist palace on a rugged hill is a major tourist site with 1.4 million visitors yearly. Whats better to visit than the Athenian Acropolis, home to the Parthenona temple built for goddess Athena.

Low Shot Angle of Tower Building Perspective
From below of Parthenon monument of ancient architecture and ancient Greek temple located on Athenian Acropolis
Coliseum, Rome
white castle on snow mountain under clear blue sky

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