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Seychelles is a paradise on Earth. The beautiful country is blessed with deep blue waters and white sandy beaches with exotic sea life, becoming a famous holiday destination. The 115-island country is within the Indian Ocean off East Africa and actually has the least population in Africa. It has the world’s only granite islands in mid-ocean, the world’s oldest ocean islands and the world’s largest raised coral atoll. It’s home to the Aldabra giant tortoises, housing Esmeralda, the world’s biggest and heaviest free-roaming tortoise. Some of the rarest species of birds can be found in Seychelles. This includes the Seychelles Scops Owl, also known as the bare-legged Scops Owl, or Syer. The beauty that comes with the islands has made Seychelles a popular destination for holidayers and mostly honeymooners.

rocky beach with white cottages under clear blue sky
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Madagascar is the world’s oldest island, the the 2nd largest island country and the fourth-largest island, located off the southeast coast of Africa.Looking for an island that has it all? Well you won’t be short of activities here, from hiking, diving, climbing, biking and much more. Many of the species on the island are found literally nowhere else on the planet. There’s the giraffe-necked weevil, whose appendage helps it roll leaves into tubes for its eggs, the aye-aye lemur, whose long middle finger helps it find grubs hiding inside trees and the Malagasy giant rat, which can leap three feet into the air. It is home to the Avenue of the Baobabs which are up to 800 years old. If you are a keen diver or snorkeler, Madagascar offers some world-class diving opportunities, especially on the north of Nosy Be on the Radama or Mitsio archipelagos.Madagascar has a stunning wealth of natural beauty from dry spiny forests full of baobab trees in the south and west, to lush eastern rainforests, to wetland areas to high escarpments.


Mauritius, situated off the east coast of Africa is a tourist haven,set in its turquoise sea, it is an oasis of peace and tranquillity, drawing travellers from all over the world. This tropical paradise was created by volcanic activity, adventurers and beach holidayers alike can enjoy the picturesque beaches, the teeming reefs and sapphire-blue lagoons as well as the fascinating natural wonders. It’s home to a spectacular underwater ‘waterfall’ which is an optical illusion caused by the runoff of sand and silt and The Seven Colored Earths in Chamarel which consists of dunes of myriad colours owing to the volcanic eruptions.Its white sandy beaches are unique and some of them are considered among the most beautiful beaches in the whole world making it the go to place for holiday.

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Zanzibar is an archipelago of islands located in the Indian Ocean.It is the home of idyllic beaches, balmy weather & warm tropical waters. This archipelago is renowned for clear warm waters, coral reefs and rich marine diversity making it a perfect under-water destination for snorkelling and diving. Island hopping diving trips are one of the top highlights of Zanzibar holidays. It is also home to the red colobus monkey, the Zanzibar servaline genet, and the Zanzibar leopard.Zanzibar has something for everyone whether it is the ultimate luxury that you are after or a laid back beach shack. The magic of Zanzibar is that it is a multi-faceted destination, offering a unique blend of idyllic beaches, intriguing history, cultural diversity, tasty cuisine, exotic spices, and rich flora and fauna.


The Maldives, is a South Asian island nation located to the southwest of India and Sri Lanka. It is the flattest and the lowest country in the world, an archipelago made up of some 1192 low-lying islands.It is known for its luxurious, over-the-water bungalows but, for scuba divers, there’s no better way to explore the Maldives than by liveaboard dive safari. These coralline powder-fine white sandy shores beaches are actually quite rare and only make up around 5% of the world’s beaches. It is a hub for all sorts of diverse marine life, but the most remarkable has to be the whale shark, the biggest fish in the ocean.So white and pure, Maldivian beaches are famous for their staggering beauty with impossibly clear waters. In fact, one of the main reasons holidaymakers choose the Maldives is for the quality of these island beaches and as a top diving destination.

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Mount Fuji, Japan

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, in South of India is known as ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’ for its incredible beauty, varied biodiversity or ‘teardrop of India’ due to its perfect teardrop shape. Blessed with a diverse landscape ranging from lush green tropical forests to highlands, arid plains and pristine sandy beaches.It’s also known for tropical beaches and exotic wildlife,enveloped in a world of scenic splendour and exotic fauna.There’s more than a hundred waterfalls in Sri Lanka and plenty of them you can swim in. You will find fairy-like temples, historic cities, game parks where you can go on safari, bounty beaches and surf bays. Adam’s Peak being the most sacred mountain in the country,steeped in legend and religious theories. It houses the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage sanctuary which is home to abandoned wild elepahant babies who are cared for. There is something for everyone on this island even better distances are short, which make it easier to discover lots in a shorter space of time.

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